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  Tantric Workshops  


The word Tantra means to weave.

In the context of my group workshops we elevate the sexual energy and weave it through the channels of the body to stimulate and balance the chakras.

If you have been to ONE of my yoga classes, you have worked through balancing your chakras during meditation at the end of class... that is if you stayed awake during meditation! And if you did not stay awake, that is okay... because you needed it!

When your body is sexually stimulated/excited numerous chemical reactions begin to take place. The longer the excitation lasts the longer the chemical reactions continue to occur. What causes the chemical reactions to cease is ejaculation. However, if you take the body to orgasm and not to ejaculation two things happen, the chemical reactions continue to occur and the pleasurable sensation of orgasm continues to resonate through your body.

The chemical reactions release endorphins your body's natural "feel good" chemicals, great for healing and repairing the body and taking you to a place of euphoria.

In men we often associate orgasm and ejaculation as being the same thing. They do happen closely together, hence the confusion. But they are not the same. So if you can get to the place of experiencing the pleasure of orgasm and NOT ejaculation the energy continues to resonant through your body.

But once you ejaculate the reactions stop, the energy plummets and you are left feeling exhausted, similar to a sugar or caffeine rush.

So the idea of the workshops is to bring you to a place of orgasmic delight, allow that energy to resonate and not shoot out of your body.

This is where I find yoga to be EXTREMELY critical. The practice of the postures allows you to open the channels so that the energy is free to move through the body and not congest or settle into the pelvis. Tantra can be done with out yoga, but is makes it VERY challenging to accomplish.

Of course the collective experience of a group of people practicing together helps to take the energy level and experience to an even greater level.

The idea of the workshops is to promote a group of guys who want to establish an community of the like minded persons who are willing to give time and energy to make this happen.

Stay tuned for times and dates!

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