Arco Iris Yoga
Nude Yoga for Men in Fort Lauderdale

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The massage is performed on a massage table, with lotion or oil. The room is softly illuminated with candles. Soft music and scents add to the atmosphere to enable your relaxation. A brief meditation allows me to center myself thus guiding my hands to the areas of your body that need attention. The massage strokes are a combination of styles ranging from Swedish, sports, Hawaiian lomi lomi - including sensuous touch.

Tantric massage is also offered. Through a combination of erotic touch and breath work your sexual energy is elevated and spread throughout your body. This style of massage can be great to eliminate emotions, and can leave you tingling for hours after the massage.

The idea of the tantric massage is to raise your sexual energy, spread it throughout the body and conserve it by bringing you to orgasm but not ejaculation.

Private lessons or couples sessions available

For more information and to schedule an appointment for a session or lesson, please contact me with a phone number and photo.


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