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Meditation is the icing on the cake for yoga practice. You should always close your yoga practice with at least 5 minutes of meditation but longer is better.

Many people think that meditation is challenging or think it is too hard. The best way to begin a meditation practice is to allow 5 minutes a day. Try to do the meditation at the same time every day or three times a week.

Begin by making yourself comfortable, either reclining, sitting, or lying down. Be in a place where noise cannot distract you. Turn off the phone. Turn on some soft music. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Begin to talk to your body and tell it to relax. You can start at your head and work your way to your feet the other way. Keep your breath steady and even. Then begin to count backwards: Inhale deeply and think 25 when you exhale. Inhale deeply again and think 24 when you exhale. Continue counting 23, 22, 21... every time you exhale, until you get to 0. Then, pause for a few breaths and slowly move your body to gently reawaken it.

You can do this ritual every day, rising our lowering the number. Some people like to close the eyes and imagine being in a relaxing place: a hot tub, the beach, in a hammock, whatever image works for you! I find that my meditation is deeper and more soothing after yoga, but you don't have to do yoga to meditate. You can take a few minutes and count backwards with every breath and see how mellow you can become!

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