Arco Iris Yoga
Nude Yoga for Men in Fort Lauderdale

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  Frequently Asked Questions  

What is yoga good for?
Yoga aides the body in a number of ways. It helps to lower blood pressure, loosens the spine, allows the body a release from the every day stress that harms the body. Yoga has been proven to enhance the immune system as well as provide a general sense of balance and harmony to ones life.

How much does it cost?
See our Fees page.

What does "Arco Iris" mean?
Arco Iris is simply "rainbow" in Spanish.

I don't have any yoga experience. What are the prerequisites to attend your classes?
You may want to check with your physician if you have a history of any serious illnesses to get a clearance. For the most part, having an open mind is the most important part.

Is this a gay group?
Not at all. All open-minded people are welcome to any of our yoga classes, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Why naked?
I believe that we have a gross distortion of our body images. We do not accept ourselves for who we are. We spend too much time expecting perfection. Not that setting lofty goals is a bad thing,but we have to love ourselves...good,bad and indifferent. The idea of naked yoga gets you to be comfortable with your own body.

Can I take a class and not be naked?
No. If you prefer to be clothed, this class is not for you.

What if I get "excited" in class?
I have been teaching the class since 1999 and it has never happened. It is physiologically impossible when you are doing yoga postures.

What's the level of difficulty of your yoga classes?
Regular classes are appropriate for beginners.We tend to demonstrate most poses and make suggestions as to how to make them easier or more challenging. There are people of all levels who attend my classes. You are encouraged to participate at your level for your safety and benefit.

Can I just come to the class and watch?
No. If you attend a class you will be expected to make your best effort to be active and follow the instructor as closely as possible.

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